Croix Gear and Machining
“They come into our factory, visit with people who use their products. They are the best of the best as far as our suppliers! Willing to go above and beyond and support the business.” - Valued Customer
St Croix Gear and Machine

For customers who value machining excellence, continuous agility and personal integrity, Croix Gear manufactures gears and machine parts to exact specifications and repeatability while meeting demanding schedules. This commitment includes continuing investment in efficient work cells and the newest technology to deliver increased accuracy and more capacity to better serve our existing customers and to position us favorably for the growth that comes from acquiring new customers.

Commitment to exacting standards

Delivering to our customers' exacting standards is our number one priority. By accurately interpreting a product's specifications and then precisely and consistently machining to these specifications, we dependably deliver on our promise to customers.

Croix Gear & Machining is one of the largest Spiral Bevel Gear cutting facilities in the Midwest. We also have the ability to manufacture any of the following gears: Spurs, Helical, Spline, Worm Gears, Straight Bevel Gears (2-16 D.P.), Spiral Bevel Gears (3.5-28 D.P.), Timing Gears, and Positive Clutches.

Type Limits Pitch
Turning 12.00” OD / 60.00” (Length)
Vertical Machining Center 60” (X) x 25” (Y) x 25.5” (Z)
Spur Gears 20.00 OD 1 DP – 48 DP
Helical Gears 20.00 OD 1 DP – 48 DP
Splines 14.00” OD / 36” L 1 DP – 48 DP
Sprockets 12.00 OD 1/8” CP – 2-1/2” CP
Worms 6.00” OD 9 DP – 32DP
Worm Gears 20.00” OD 1 DP – 32 DP
Internal Spur Gears 15.75” OD / 9.8” ID 3 DP – 48 DP
Internal Helical Gears 15.75” OD / 9.8” ID 3.10 DP – 64 DP
Straight Bevel Gears 8.50” (Pitch Diameter) 2.5 DP – 23.50 DP
Spiral Bevel Gears 11.10” (Pitch Diameter) 2.5 DP – 32 DP
Zerol Gears 8.50” (Pitch Diameter) 4 DP – 20 DP
Hypoid Gears 8.50” (Pitch Diameter) 4 DP – 20 DP
Lapping Gear – 10.50” / Pinion – 6”

Crowning Hobbing – Crowned Gears are necessary for applications where noise is a concern. Crowning gear teeth reduces noise by alleviating misalignment through either assembly or thrust problems.

Cluster Hobbing – Cluster hobbing is a hobbing process technology utilizing at least two different hobs for the hobbing operation on one workpiece.

Hard Hobbing or Skiving – Gear skiving or hard hobbing is the process of using a carbide hob to re-hob spur or helical gears after heat treat to reduce distortion errors. Gear skiving can be an economical alternative to gear grinding with comparable quality and surface finish. The gear skiving process is also effective in reducing noise. Up to AGMA 9 class.

Lapping – Gear lapping is the process of imparting a very fine finish and high degree of accuracy to gear teeth. Lapping typically improves the wear properties of gear teeth. To ensure smooth and quiet running, the Gears and Pinions are lapped after hardening. Lapping is accomplished by running mating pairs together in a gear lapping machine and feeding a liquid abrasive compound under pressure into the gear pair. The compound removes small amounts of metal as the gears rotate, thus refining the tooth surface and achieve desired contact pattern.

Metrology/Gear Inspection – In the continuous application of TO BE EXACT, Croix Gear and machining uses the latest in gear inspection technology. We are capable of inspecting: spur, helical, spline, worm, straight bevel, spiral bevel, zerol, & hypoid gears on our Gleason M&M Sigma 3 with the latest software upgrades.