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We are equipped to meet exacting specifications and our operation is managed to meet demanding schedules. Our 36,000-square-foot manufacturing facility boasts a vast array of the latest in high-performance, precision cutting, milling, hobbing, shaping, drilling and honing equipment.
St Croix Gear and Machine
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Bevel Gear

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Straight Bevel
Gleason (5) No. 104 Coniflex
Gleason No. 114 Coniflex
Spiral Bevel
Gleason (2) No. 2 Hypoid Generator
Gleason (5) No. 7A Generator
Gleason (2) No. 108 Formate
Gleason (2) No. 106 Hypoid Generator (Completing)
Gleason (4) No. 106 Hypoid Gen. w/ Helical Motion
Gleason No. 116
Gleason No. 122
Gleason Phoenix 280C Dry Cut w/ Onboard Chamfering