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Universal capabilities

Helical, spur, splines, sprockets, worms, and bevel gears, we’re capable of making any type of gear our customers require, with diameters ranging from ½” to 13”. Our capabilities are so extensive and our reputation so trusted, some customers even contract us for work they’re fully capable of doing in-house.

We are equipped to meet exacting specifications and our operation is managed to meet demanding schedules. Our 36,000-square-foot manufacturing facility boasts a vast array of the latest in high-performance, precision cutting, milling, hobbing, shaping, drilling and honing equipment (click here for a complete listing).

Croix Gear & Machining is one of the largest Spiral Bevel Gear cutting facilities in the Midwest. We also have the ability to manufacture any of the following gears: Spurs, Helical, Spline, Worm Gears, Straight Bevel Gears (2-16 D.P.), Spiral Bevel Gears (3.5-28 D.P.), Timing Gears, and Positive Clutches.

We also are equipped to provide:

  • CNC Internal Shaping
  • CNC External Shaping
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Milling