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Underwater Hardware

Marine Associates offers the finest quality precision machined and straightened shafting. All are custom machined, threaded and redius keyways cut to fit your needs. All shafting is machined to S.A.E. J755 standards.

A worn or bent shaft can play havoc with even the finest engine and propeller combination. Install a new precision machined and stragihtened shaft to reduce vibration and improve all around performance.

Marine Associates also stocks the the shaft nuts, keys and cotter pins.

We recomend very strongly that you consider switching your shaft and coupling from a straight bore to a tapered coupling end. A tapered bore coupling installs easier and is truer than a straight bore. If you do continue to use a stragiht coupling, we suggest you have it fit to your new shaft by our machinists.

Availible from 3/4" to 2-1/2" diameters in A-17, A-19 or A-22

shaft nuts and keys

Shaft Pricing
A-17 ST   |   A-17 DT   |   A-19 ST   |   A-19 DT   |   A-22 ST   |   A-22 DT


Shaft Accessories:

  • Keys
  • Shaft Logs
    • Thru Hull
    • Offset
    • Flush
    • External Flange
  • Nuts