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Governor Visit

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Visits Croix Gear & Machining

Hudson, WI, Feb. 28, 2014 – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker today held a brown bag visit at Croix Gear and Machining in Hudson. The Governor met with the Croix Gear management team and company employees, toured the plant, and introduced his Blueprint for Prosperity plan for tax relief and worker training initiatives.

“Croix Gear & Machining has evolved from a company base that has been a fixture in this community for almost 50 years,” Governor Walker said. “The company continues to invest in new technology, equipment and its employees to ensure quality products for its customers. This is a great example of a company that depends on a competitive tax climate and a skilled workforce to continue to thrive in Wisconsin.”

“We're always investing in ways to work faster and smarter with the utmost precision so we can serve our customers better,” said Croix Gear President Ruth Johnston. “At Croix Gear and Machining, our motto is ‘to be exact,’ and that's what customers can expect from our precisely manufactured products, our adherence to demanding schedules, and our customer-focused service.”

Croix Gear has seen significant growth since 2010 in the primary markets it serves, including food machinery, agricultural and industrial equipment, and marine. “We have done all this while maintaining our existing footprint,” said Croix Gear General Manager Jeff Schutts. “We have invested in new work cells with new technology that delivers increased accuracy and more capacity to better serve our customers, and position us favorably for new growth.”

Croix Gear’s new technology includes the Gleason Phoenix 280C that significantly reduces the time to machine a part. Governor Walker was especially impressed with the machine’s capability, and cited it as an example of investment that more than pays for itself, and the kind of action he wants to encourage among all Wisconsin manufacturing companies.