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We build quality gears and trusted relationships by being exact in our manufacturing processes and ethical in our interactions with customers, vendors and co-workers. We're a full-service gear and parts job shop that you can count on.

Croix Gear & Machining manufactures custom and standard gears for a wide range of industries and OEMs around the country. From new technologies and the latest equipment to lean and ISO certifications, we're always investing in ways to work faster and smarter with the utmost precision so we can serve our customers better. Our motto, "to be exact" is exactly what customers can expect from our products and our service. Read More!

Gear Cutting

Marine Products

GEAR PRODUCTS. We specialize in the precision, build-to-spec manufacture of bevel gears (straight and spiral), spur and helical gears, and spline cutting. MORE
marine products. Marine Associates, our parent company, produces underwater marine hardware (shafts, struts, rudders, couplings, etc.) for boat builders both large and small and OEM replacement parts. MORE
precision machining. We have the equipment and expertise to machine your part to your exact specifications. Our equipment and quality controls are in place to hold the tightest tolerances. MORE